NC State Biochemistry receives state and federal revenues, but these sources represent a fraction of the support required to maintain successful programs and facilities. Your donations will make the difference for our faculty and students to meet the global challenges of 21st Century:

- Enhancing the production, quality, accessibility and proftability of food, plant, animal and bioenergy products for North   Carolina, the nation and the world
- Ensuring environmental stewardship and sustainability of air, land, soil and water resources
- Creating a food supply that is safe, secure, healthy, affordable and of high quality
- Improving human health and well-being for individuals, families and communities and
- Preparing students and stakeholders for leadership and success in the global workforce.

NC State Biochemistry




Senior Research Scientists Phone P.I.
Kevin Blackburn 919-515-0833 MS Laboratory Supervisor

Postdoctoral Associates Phone P.I.
Dr. Denitra Breuer 919-515-3068 Dr. Hernandez
Dr. Zhijie Li 919-515-2340 Dr. Xu
Dr. Maria Reyes 919-515-5736 Dr. Ascencio-Ibanez
Dr. Ricardo Vancini 919-515-5786 Dr. Brown

Graduate Students Phone P.I.
Annette Bodenheimer 919-515-0837 Dr. Meilleur
Sayan Chakraborty 919-515-2581 Dr. Xu
Jigar Desai 919-515-2908 Dr. Doherty
Logan Draughn 919-513-4347 Dr. Cavanagh
Jiaqi Duan 919-513-7195 Dr. Doherty
Laura Edwards 919-513-7195 Dr. Goshe
Paul Enriquez 000-000-0000 Dr. Rose
Laura Greeley 919-515-2908 Dr. Hanley-Bowdoin
Dmitry Grinevich 000-000-0000 Dr. Doherty
Bob Grinshpon 919-515-5806 Dr. Clark
Tricia Ho 919-513-7195 Dr. Goshe
Allen Hsu 919-513-0698 Dr. Bobay
Joe Maciag 919-515-5806 Dr. Clark
Joe Magliocca 919-515-5786 Dr. Brown
Jonathan Milward 919-909-6070 Dr. Ascencio-Ibanez
William (Brad) O'Dell 919-515-0837 Dr. Meilleur
Dipti Paudel 000-000-0000 Dr. Goshe
Ryan Schuchman 919-513-4347 Dr. Cavanagh
William Stephens 919-515-5683 Dr. Knopp
Melvin Thomas 919-515-5806 Dr. Clark
Eric Waddell 000-000-0000 Dr. Doherty
Malcolm Winston 919-515-5683 Dr. Knopp
Sophia Yang 919-513-7325 Dr. Rose