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For information about the Bruker 500 MHz click here

Biomolecular Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR Facility

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A view of the BIO-NMR facility located in Polk Hall

Short description of the facility (please see tabs above for more detail):

  • !!! NEW !!!
  • We will be offering training sessions for the use of the Varian 600 and Bruker 700 MHz machines.
  • Upcoming Training Session:Varian 600 - December 2nd-6th 2013

  • Services:
  • NMR data collection of small molecules, DNA, RNA, protein, etc: VNMRJ and Topspin
  • NMR data analysis of small molecules, DNA, RNA, protein, etc: Topspin, NMRPipe, NMRView, Sparky
  • Molecular dynamics simulations: GROMACS
  • Protein structure determination: CNS, ARIA, CYANA
  • Molecular docking: protein:protein, protein:ligand, DNA(RNA):peptide, DNA(RNA):ligand, etc: AutoDock, HADDOCK

  • Scheduling:
  • 500 MHz spectrometer web-calendar - 500 MHz calendar
  • 600 MHz spectrometer web-calendar - 600 MHz calendar
  • 700_1 MHz spectrometer web-calendar - 700 MHz calendar
  • 700_2 MHz spectrometer web-calendar - 700 MHz calendar

  • Rates:
  • Industrial Use -- please email the director or assistant supervisor for rates
  • Academic Use -- $4.50-6.00/hr

  • Location, hours, etc:
  • The NMR facililty is located in room 50 Polk Hall
  • Hours: 9am to 5pm
  • Staff:
  • Director: John Cavanagh
    Assistant NMR supervisor: Benjamin Bobay