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- Enhancing the production, quality, accessibility and proftability of food, plant, animal and bioenergy products for North   Carolina, the nation and the world
- Ensuring environmental stewardship and sustainability of air, land, soil and water resources
- Creating a food supply that is safe, secure, healthy, affordable and of high quality
- Improving human health and well-being for individuals, families and communities and
- Preparing students and stakeholders for leadership and success in the global workforce.

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Biochemistry faculty recognized for innovation

Drs. Linda Hanley-Bowdoin and John Cavanagh were recognized at the 23d annual celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship at the NCSU Alumni Center. The luncheon was co-hosted by Dr. Terri Lomax, Vice Chancellor for Research, Inoovation, and Economic Development, and Mr. Billy Houghteling, Executive Director of the Office of Technology Transfer. Dr. Hanley-Bowdoin was recognized for two patents received in the past year: Peptide aptamers that bind to the rep proteins of ssDNA viruses and Geminivirus resistant transgenic plants. Dr. Cavanagh was recognized as a 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year for his work on inhibition of bacterial biofilm formation and as co-founder and CSO of Agile Science, Inc.