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- Enhancing the production, quality, accessibility and proftability of food, plant, animal and bioenergy products for North   Carolina, the nation and the world
- Ensuring environmental stewardship and sustainability of air, land, soil and water resources
- Creating a food supply that is safe, secure, healthy, affordable and of high quality
- Improving human health and well-being for individuals, families and communities and
- Preparing students and stakeholders for leadership and success in the global workforce.

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Biochemistry Holiday Party 2012

The department faculty, students, and staff gathered for lunch on Friday, December 7, to celebrate the holidays and the year together. Several alumni also attended the party. The pot-luck lunch incuded fried turkey, ham, salads, and a variety of foods from our numerous international students and staff.

See more pictures from the holiday gathering on the department Facebook page ...

The table is ready

      Students, faculty and staff gather for lunch