NC State Biochemistry receives state and federal revenues, but these sources represent a fraction of the support required to maintain successful programs and facilities. Your donations will make the difference for our faculty and students to meet the global challenges of 21st Century:

- Enhancing the production, quality, accessibility and proftability of food, plant, animal and bioenergy products for North   Carolina, the nation and the world
- Ensuring environmental stewardship and sustainability of air, land, soil and water resources
- Creating a food supply that is safe, secure, healthy, affordable and of high quality
- Improving human health and well-being for individuals, families and communities and
- Preparing students and stakeholders for leadership and success in the global workforce.

NC State Biochemistry



About The Department

Welcome to the Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry at NC State! We are excited to be undergoing an expansion in our faculty and research capacity with multiple new hires to be completed over the next 3-5 years. Our historic strengths in structural biology and quantitative analytical methods will provide a strong foundation for the incorporation of metabolism, flux analysis regulation, and systems level research. Two positions currently open will complement our expertise through studies of plant metabolic responses to abiotic stress, and the molecular mechanisms underlying nutrient assimilation pathways and metabolic flux in animal model systems. These scientific directions will continue to broaden the research opportunities for student and postdoctoral trainees within our unique training environment.

The undergraduate program in Biochemistry offers its 300 majors a rigorous curriculum in preparation for health sciences, research and biotechnology careers. Students have the opportunity to conduct cutting edge research in faculty laboratories, and many undergraduates become co-authors on scientific publications. This program exemplifies academic excellence and is one of the most popular undergraduate degrees at NC State. Our faculty personally advise each student and work directly in the classroom to support problem-based learning. The quality of students in the program can be seen not only in their strong academic records and research accolades, but also in the philanthropic service, student governance, and other community engagement activities to which they contribute.

Graduate students are critical contributors to our team research efforts, and our graduates go on to excellent post-doctoral experiences and career opportunities. We offer Ph.D. and Masters (MS and MR) degrees in Biochemistry to students with a diverse range of backgrounds. Students receive a competitive support package and are offered a challenging program of course work in modern molecular biophysics and biochemistry. We are home to a new NSF-funded Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Masters Program, which will support training and workforce development in underrepresented populations.

This is a time of great energy in Molecular and Structural Biochemistry. Join us at NC State as we “Think and Do the Extraordinary”!

-- Melanie Simpson

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