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Jose Ascencio-Ibanez
Teaching Assistant Professor

PhD in Biochemistry, North Carolina State University

Office: 130 Polk Hall
   Office: 919.515.5724
   Lab: 919.515.5736
Email: Jose Ascencio-Ibanez

Jose Ascencio-Ibanez

Research Areas:Plant-Pathogen Interactions | Cell Cycle in Arabidopsis Senescence | Micro algae for biofuels| Undergraduate Research

I am interested in understanding the response of the plant to a viral infection.

We use geminivirus as the main subject of my research and Arabidopsis as the plant model to understand responses. In collaboration with Dr. Linda Hanley-Bowdoin we are trying to unveil the connection between geminivirus infection and cell cycle. We also investigate how the virus induces senescence in arabidopsis, a very interesting line of research due to its implications in symptom development.

I am also pursuing the function of a novel group of CDKs (Cyclin-dependent kinase like) in Arabidopsis. Recently, in collaboration with a former college classmate, we are trying to understand the possibilities of a microalgae to be used for biofuels.