Meilleur Laboratory Neutrons and Structural Biology

Department of Molecular and Structural Biochemistry North Carolina State University

Neutron Sciences Directorate Oak Ridge National Laboratory


BCH705 - Molecular Biology of the Cell

Prerequisite: BCH 701 or BCH 703 Regulation of cellular processes, membrane structure and function, signal transduction, protein trafficking/sorting, secretion, photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation.
Course is offered in Spring term and co-taught with Dr. A. Clay Clark.
Dr. Meilleur's BCH705 section provides students with a foundation in signal transduction.  The course includes lectures using PowerPoint files and discussions of recent and "just published" articles from premier journal s in the field (eg:  Nature, Science, Cell and Molecular Cell).  Articles are related to the topics covered by the lectures and aim to illustrate the rapid progress in signal transduction research while encouraging class participants to pay regular attention to leading journals in the field.  The course is divided into seven major topics under the overarching cell signaling theme:
  1. Cellular signaling, extra-cellular signals, receptors
  2. G proteins, cyclases, cyclic nucleotides
  3. Protein phosphorylation, kinases, phosphatases, kinase cascades, insulin signaling
  4. Regulation of gene expression by cytoplasmic receptors
  5. Heat shock protein (HSP) regulated signaling
  6. Ubiquitin modifications, ubiquitination and proteasomal degradation
  7. Proteasome-independent ubiquitination functions