Department of Biochemistry
North Carolina State University
128 Polk Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7622
phone: (919) 513-4191

Rose Lab

Robert Rose, Associate Professor

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Research Interests

- Transcriptional regulation of cell specificity
- Etiology of diseases associated with mis-regulation
__of transcription, particularly diabetes
- Protein X-ray crystallography and small angle scattering
- Evolution of protein structure


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Research Summary

The capability to regulate gene expression in different cell types is fundamental to multi-cellular organisms. Mis-regulation of transcription contributes to many diseases, from diabetes to cancer. Our lab is interested in understanding how cell-specific transcription is regulated. Much of our work focuses on pancreatic beta cells as a model system. We are characterizing the mechanistic basis for cooperative interactions between transcription factors regulating expression of the insulin gene, and other beta cell-specific genes. In addition we are interested in coactivator interactions and protein modifications that modulate the activity of beta cell transcription factors. We are also studying how mutations in these transcription factors cause a familial form of diabetes, Maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY). Our work combines structural and functional approaches.